Week of 4/18

This week an article we read for English was, “Language Variation Across Genres: Translingualism Here and There” by Cristina Sanchez-Martin. This article made me think of when I took a foreign language in high school. I took Spanish and even though I remembered the vocabulary words well I would never speak it easily. I really wanted to learn another language but I struggled. When the author suggested that there would be “no labels” I thought it would really be a fascinating idea. The author said, “Languages with no labels are constantly emerging (or linguistic features that do not accommodate to “standard” understandings of languages) to respond to genres that require them.” I think it would be really interesting to just know where you are even with no language clearly labeled. I wonder if I could do that myself. I never thought about how much society has an affect on my language, I just knew I was speaking English. I have learned about dialect in my human geography class last semester. I took a dialect quiz and they told me my dialect showed that I was from California. Since that quiz I am confused if I could use multiple dialects and still be “standard.” My cousin moved to Georgia and he had to adapt to the dialect. They call bags corn hole, shopping carts buggies, and pop coke. He had to learn how to changed what he called things and eventually he started using them himself. With all these dialects and people moving around how do you know what the standard dialect is? I think this relates to class because they connect it to CHAT. We have talked about CHAT several times throughout the semester and even created CHAT maps as well.


Week of 4/11

This week an article we were assigned to read is “SnapCHAT: The Genre of the Vanishing Memoir” by Karlie Rodriguez. I loved that this article is on Snapchat because I know this way of social media. We have previously read a good amount of articles about Facebook but I felt that I could not relate to using it because I do not have one. Since this article is about Snapchat I felt that I could relate to using it.

She stated in a paragraph about how it is important Snapchat is and how it is a “literate activity.” I never thought about it either. Throughout learning this class though I have begun to look at everything in a different light. I have never considered myself a writer, but that is because I never wrote papers. Maybe I am a writer, maybe I just write with a different format. I am starting to realize why all these different updates to social media apps update how they do.

This article relates to class because she is performing a CHAT analysis on Snapchat. We have used CHAT several times throughout the class, though it has been a while since we have gone over it. We recently used this method last unit. She also states about multimodality which we are currently learning right now. Karlie says in the article, “This kind of multimodal experience can be very convenient because I get to take a picture, include text, and even superimpose a label onto it all in one place.” We have talked about this the last several days, having all these modes to share our message. I think Snapchat is a great tool because it really does encompass several things in only one message.

Week of 4/04

This week one of the articles we were assigned to read was “The Jokers Greatest Triumph” by Barthelme. It was a great classic Batman story! It started off with the usual call for Batman, “A long beam of yellowish light culminating in a perfect bat symbol lanced the evening sky.” I grew up knowing all of the classic superhero stories so I thought it was really cool to read this one. It had all the typical characters that I recognize, even though I have not seen every Batman movie.

At first I struggled to see what connection this article has to what we are learning in class right now. Then I thought of some theories. I thought about multimodality and remediation. For remediation I thought about an example of a book being transferred into a movie. The Batman saga has had many successful movies so this story that I read could be remediation. Taking this story from a book and making it into a movie. Multimodality refers to all the different ways that we communicate. That made me think about all the ways this story could be communicated. Someone could read it themselves (alphabet), or have someone read it aloud to them (oral), or pictures could be added to bring the story to life (visual).

Reading this story allowed me to see how much progress I have made in this class. Before I would have never thought of all the different ways this story could have been used. I am really excited that I am starting to be able to think about reading stories in a different light. This also shows me that I am ready for our unit 3 project. I am still nervous about using remediation and multimodality but I feel that being able to recognize it in a story is a helpful tool to being able to use it.

Week of 3/29

This article to read for this week is “Inside the inscrutable world of Weird Facebook.” I do not have a Facebook so I feel that this puts me at a slight disadvantage with not knowing exactly how it works or getting to see it but I think I will still be able to understand what the article is stating. I think realizing that is part of our unit projects. In both projects so far we have had to tell how our previous knowledge has effected our projects. I think I made a nice connection with a tool I learned in our unit projects.

The first thing that stood out to me was the amount of followers those accounts had. They were in the thousands and very impressive numbers! This article stated a difference of Facebook that I would have never known if the author did not state it, “…Facebook doesn’t suggest that you follow other pages.” On Instagram when I follow someone new it gives me several suggestions on what other accounts to follow. That makes it harder to expand an account or get more followers. The article states it is not their goal to do that though.

We have not really touched on these topics in class yet but I think we will be learning about these topics. We have just learned about making a poem into a greeting card. I do not think that is exactly related to this article but I am sure we will connect these all together in class.

Week of 3/21

This week we had an article to read called “Flash Fiction and Remediation: Ironing Out The Details” by Eric Pitman. I was excited to read this article because my note taking had to change a ton in college. In high school most of the notes I took were guided and printed out my teachers. I write generally slow so I had no idea had much I had to try to keep up while note taking. In college I am fine adjusting to lectures but all the note taking took me by surprise. The writer talked about how he adjusted his writing style for college by stating, “I developed my own method of writing down what I felt was important. In doing so, I abandoned the sentence, wrote only key terms or phrases, and abbreviated so that I could write more quickly.” I could relate to that because I rarely use full sentences due to the fact that I do not have time to write them down. I make sure I write neat so I can read it which is part of why I take so long. However, I need to be able to read my notes or else there is no point in taking my notes.

Although I could relate to him with learning how to note take in college, he stated that he was a creative writer, I am far from a creative writer. Since we have different styles it was really cool to read a piece about his point of view. I think this relates to what we have talked about in class because he mentioned CHAT and genres. We have been learning about those tings for a good amount of time in class.

Overall I thought it was a really good piece about the way college can affect your writing style. I thought his flash fiction genre was really neat and it was a nice new genre.

Week of 3/07

This week in class we only had one reading for homework. This reading is an article called, “Who Do You Think You Are?: The Effects of Internet Anonymity on Writing and Identification” by Frank Macarthy. I found this a very interesting and good article. This highlighted details of what we learned in class. We talked about how people can have their identity on different accounts or they can be anonymous. We talked about how people can have different personas when they are anonymous or have an identity.

I only have a few social media accounts and I have no anonymous accounts. Since I have no anonymous accounts I can not speak personal insight from that point of view. Although I have no personal experience in that field I have had several lectures at school about social media. In the College of Business they tell students over and over again that you must look professional in every aspect of your life. This includes online in social media. So, when I hear these lectures I think that my accounts must always look good. Future employers can see online as well so when the time comes that we look for a job we look good. I think people could have anonymous accounts so they do not have to look professional or prepare for a future job all the time. They could have an account that only their close friends could see so they could post just to them. People who have these said in class that they only have their close friends follow them and they write lots of meaningful paragraphs. The article states, “Anonymity is expected, not guaranteed.” This is a very valid statement in my eyes. There is always going to be someone who is going to be anonymous on the internet.

I thought this was a really good article to work great into our lesson plan. It went right along with everything we are learning and helped me understand better.

Week of 2/29

This week I choose to write about “Spam, Spam, Spam…” A CHAT Perspective. I personally get spam mail all the time just like the article says and I absolutely hate it. While reading this article I discovered myself thinking about all the aspects of CHAT when the genre was mentioned and when she mentioned specifics aspects of CHAT with their categories. I feel like I am getting much more comfortable with using CHAT. Although I am making progress, I still get confused or frustrated when the categories overlap. I also still struggle with one category particularly, ecology. I feel that all the other categories are pretty straight forward to me but ecology seems deeper. It just still does not seem that clear to me.

I was so surprised to learn all the ways someone can get my email address. I am not very good at technology so I had no idea there was so many methods to just sending out a spam email. I am not going to lie, I got lost at times during this article because it does involve technology. I think I took the important elements away about CHAT but when they started to get into the details about the way spam mail works I started to get confused. Also I got confused I took a standard business class in high school which talked about these “get rich schemes” the article mentions. The article states, “I still remember the case of one of my younger brothers bringing me an electronic check, saying that he just needed credit card information to claim the $100,000 that he won on a random survey.” I remember learning about this during that class with helped me to get back on track. I think this is a really good article highlighting many great aspects of CHAT. This helps me understand what we are doing in class better.

Week of 2/19

This week one of the articles we read for this week was “”#Goals”: Examining a Subgenre of Social Media.” I choose this article because social media is a really relevant topic for this generation. I have an Instagram and snap chat. Due to only having two forms of social media I thought that I did not spend ┬áso much time. Then I did realize that I spent a good amount on the two social media accounts I have. The author also stated she spends a lot of time on social media. Social media is so popular for my generation. I am in various groups, however since I do not have a Facebook I miss information that someone later has to send to me. This helped me realize how involved social media in daily activities all the time.

I think choosing “#Goals” was a very good aspect to analyze. As the author described in the article this is when people show, “…had led to my peers and me to believe that we should model our goals on what we see online.” This is such a great subgenre of social media! We have been talking about genres for most of the class and this topic digs into why people post what they post. We also just started learning about CHAT in which the article addresses that as well, “…representation deals with the way that we are trying to represent ourselves through what we post online.” We are going through each aspect of CHAT so I was able to notice this before that article addressed it. Having examples like this really helps me see these aspects of CHAT come to life. This was such a great article that helps me understand CHAT when the same things fit into multiple aspects.


Week Three: 2/14

This week our reading was “Understanding Language and Culture with Cultural Historical Activity Theory” by Tyler Kostecki. I wanted to review this article because we just finished our drafts of the unit 1 project and I feel that this article talks about a lot of those elements.

I could relate to the author when he said in the beginning, “This way of writing involved creating a paper in a “standardized” format that included an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.” I absolutely hated used that format every single time I had to write. That genre was just not for me. It is why I am so grateful that this class allows me to write in different genres. I never even thought about all the genres before this class. I have never heard of CHAT before this article but I know that we are going to learn it in class to help with genre analysis. I am really curious to see how it works.

I think all of the different aspects highlighted what we are supposed to do for the unit 1 project. The bullet points in the article are similar to the bullet points in our project in my opinion. That means this article is a great reference for the project. All of the aspects of CHAT do seem a bit intimidating to me because there is so much knowledge I am not sure how to put everything into my analysis.

Overall, once I learn how to use CHAT appropriately I think it would be helpful for an analysis. Although it is good I am currently struggling with sorting through all the data I have. I have so much detail but I can not fit in everything. This means I need to focus in on only relevant and important data. CHAT has so many elements that I started to get overwhelmed again.

Week 2: 2/06/17

The article we were assigned this week that was the most interesting to me was “How i Lrned 2 Txt: An Adventure in Genre.” While reading this article I kept thinking about how we discussed what professionalism looks like in a genre. Texting is the complete opposite from professionalism. During the article I felt like every point contradicted the other genre because they are complete opposites. People use phones to shorten words or sentences all the time because it is quicker. I have a friend who is a English major and when I text her she hates when I shorten words such as using “u” instead of “you.” But that made me think of why I use items such at that, I shorten words so I do not need to type as much, then naturally switch back to talking normal in person.

This article goes on to describe how technology kept getting more and more advanced which changed how she interacted with her phone. It stated, “The new ability to shorten messages was very useful as I made a jump forward in cell phone technology and bought a text messaging phone.” I believe that this will always be the case because technology always brings advancements which will continue every year.

I realized when she said, “Textual genres have taken over communication for me.”, that it has also done the same for me. I also only talk to my grandparents on my phone, not my friends. I mostly email professors as well. I think this is a great example of material we have covered in class. It describes when, where, and how the genre is being used. I think it is very interesting because we have a texting language that we just use on our phones.