Week of 4/18

This week an article we read for English was, “Language Variation Across Genres: Translingualism Here and There” by Cristina Sanchez-Martin. This article made me think of when I took a foreign language in high school. I took Spanish and even though I remembered the vocabulary words well I would never speak it easily. I really wanted to learn another language but I struggled. When the author suggested that there would be “no labels” I thought it would really be a fascinating idea. The author said, “Languages with no labels are constantly emerging (or linguistic features that do not accommodate to “standard” understandings of languages) to respond to genres that require them.” I think it would be really interesting to just know where you are even with no language clearly labeled. I wonder if I could do that myself. I never thought about how much society has an affect on my language, I just knew I was speaking English. I have learned about dialect in my human geography class last semester. I took a dialect quiz and they told me my dialect showed that I was from California. Since that quiz I am confused if I could use multiple dialects and still be “standard.” My cousin moved to Georgia and he had to adapt to the dialect. They call bags corn hole, shopping carts buggies, and pop coke. He had to learn how to changed what he called things and eventually he started using them himself. With all these dialects and people moving around how do you know what the standard dialect is? I think this relates to class because they connect it to CHAT. We have talked about CHAT several times throughout the semester and even created CHAT maps as well.


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