Week of 4/11

This week an article we were assigned to read is “SnapCHAT: The Genre of the Vanishing Memoir” by Karlie Rodriguez. I loved that this article is on Snapchat because I know this way of social media. We have previously read a good amount of articles about Facebook but I felt that I could not relate to using it because I do not have one. Since this article is about Snapchat I felt that I could relate to using it.

She stated in a paragraph about how it is important Snapchat is and how it is a “literate activity.” I never thought about it either. Throughout learning this class though I have begun to look at everything in a different light. I have never considered myself a writer, but that is because I never wrote papers. Maybe I am a writer, maybe I just write with a different format. I am starting to realize why all these different updates to social media apps update how they do.

This article relates to class because she is performing a CHAT analysis on Snapchat. We have used CHAT several times throughout the class, though it has been a while since we have gone over it. We recently used this method last unit. She also states about multimodality which we are currently learning right now. Karlie says in the article, “This kind of multimodal experience can be very convenient because I get to take a picture, include text, and even superimpose a label onto it all in one place.” We have talked about this the last several days, having all these modes to share our message. I think Snapchat is a great tool because it really does encompass several things in only one message.


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