Week of 4/04

This week one of the articles we were assigned to read was “The Jokers Greatest Triumph” by Barthelme. It was a great classic Batman story! It started off with the usual call for Batman, “A long beam of yellowish light culminating in a perfect bat symbol lanced the evening sky.” I grew up knowing all of the classic superhero stories so I thought it was really cool to read this one. It had all the typical characters that I recognize, even though I have not seen every Batman movie.

At first I struggled to see what connection this article has to what we are learning in class right now. Then I thought of some theories. I thought about multimodality and remediation. For remediation I thought about an example of a book being transferred into a movie. The Batman saga has had many successful movies so this story that I read could be remediation. Taking this story from a book and making it into a movie. Multimodality refers to all the different ways that we communicate. That made me think about all the ways this story could be communicated. Someone could read it themselves (alphabet), or have someone read it aloud to them (oral), or pictures could be added to bring the story to life (visual).

Reading this story allowed me to see how much progress I have made in this class. Before I would have never thought of all the different ways this story could have been used. I am really excited that I am starting to be able to think about reading stories in a different light. This also shows me that I am ready for our unit 3 project. I am still nervous about using remediation and multimodality but I feel that being able to recognize it in a story is a helpful tool to being able to use it.


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