Week of 3/29

This article to read for this week is “Inside the inscrutable world of Weird Facebook.” I do not have a Facebook so I feel that this puts me at a slight disadvantage with not knowing exactly how it works or getting to see it but I think I will still be able to understand what the article is stating. I think realizing that is part of our unit projects. In both projects so far we have had to tell how our previous knowledge has effected our projects. I think I made a nice connection with a tool I learned in our unit projects.

The first thing that stood out to me was the amount of followers those accounts had. They were in the thousands and very impressive numbers! This article stated a difference of Facebook that I would have never known if the author did not state it, “…Facebook doesn’t suggest that you follow other pages.” On Instagram when I follow someone new it gives me several suggestions on what other accounts to follow. That makes it harder to expand an account or get more followers. The article states it is not their goal to do that though.

We have not really touched on these topics in class yet but I think we will be learning about these topics. We have just learned about making a poem into a greeting card. I do not think that is exactly related to this article but I am sure we will connect these all together in class.


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