Week of 3/21

This week we had an article to read called “Flash Fiction and Remediation: Ironing Out The Details” by Eric Pitman. I was excited to read this article because my note taking had to change a ton in college. In high school most of the notes I took were guided and printed out my teachers. I write generally slow so I had no idea had much I had to try to keep up while note taking. In college I am fine adjusting to lectures but all the note taking took me by surprise. The writer talked about how he adjusted his writing style for college by stating, “I developed my own method of writing down what I felt was important. In doing so, I abandoned the sentence, wrote only key terms or phrases, and abbreviated so that I could write more quickly.” I could relate to that because I rarely use full sentences due to the fact that I do not have time to write them down. I make sure I write neat so I can read it which is part of why I take so long. However, I need to be able to read my notes or else there is no point in taking my notes.

Although I could relate to him with learning how to note take in college, he stated that he was a creative writer, I am far from a creative writer. Since we have different styles it was really cool to read a piece about his point of view. I think this relates to what we have talked about in class because he mentioned CHAT and genres. We have been learning about those tings for a good amount of time in class.

Overall I thought it was a really good piece about the way college can affect your writing style. I thought his flash fiction genre was really neat and it was a nice new genre.


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