Week of 3/07

This week in class we only had one reading for homework. This reading is an article called, “Who Do You Think You Are?: The Effects of Internet Anonymity on Writing and Identification” by Frank Macarthy. I found this a very interesting and good article. This highlighted details of what we learned in class. We talked about how people can have their identity on different accounts or they can be anonymous. We talked about how people can have different personas when they are anonymous or have an identity.

I only have a few social media accounts and I have no anonymous accounts. Since I have no anonymous accounts I can not speak personal insight from that point of view. Although I have no personal experience in that field I have had several lectures at school about social media. In the College of Business they tell students over and over again that you must look professional in every aspect of your life. This includes online in social media. So, when I hear these lectures I think that my accounts must always look good. Future employers can see online as well so when the time comes that we look for a job we look good. I think people could have anonymous accounts so they do not have to look professional or prepare for a future job all the time. They could have an account that only their close friends could see so they could post just to them. People who have these said in class that they only have their close friends follow them and they write lots of meaningful paragraphs. The article states, “Anonymity is expected, not guaranteed.” This is a very valid statement in my eyes. There is always going to be someone who is going to be anonymous on the internet.

I thought this was a really good article to work great into our lesson plan. It went right along with everything we are learning and helped me understand better.


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