Week of 2/29

This week I choose to write about “Spam, Spam, Spam…” A CHAT Perspective. I personally get spam mail all the time just like the article says and I absolutely hate it. While reading this article I discovered myself thinking about all the aspects of CHAT when the genre was mentioned and when she mentioned specifics aspects of CHAT with their categories. I feel like I am getting much more comfortable with using CHAT. Although I am making progress, I still get confused or frustrated when the categories overlap. I also still struggle with one category particularly, ecology. I feel that all the other categories are pretty straight forward to me but ecology seems deeper. It just still does not seem that clear to me.

I was so surprised to learn all the ways someone can get my email address. I am not very good at technology so I had no idea there was so many methods to just sending out a spam email. I am not going to lie, I got lost at times during this article because it does involve technology. I think I took the important elements away about CHAT but when they started to get into the details about the way spam mail works I started to get confused. Also I got confused I took a standard business class in high school which talked about these “get rich schemes” the article mentions. The article states, “I still remember the case of one of my younger brothers bringing me an electronic check, saying that he just needed credit card information to claim the $100,000 that he won on a random survey.” I remember learning about this during that class with helped me to get back on track. I think this is a really good article highlighting many great aspects of CHAT. This helps me understand what we are doing in class better.


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