Week of 2/19

This week one of the articles we read for this week was “”#Goals”: Examining a Subgenre of Social Media.” I choose this article because social media is a really relevant topic for this generation. I have an Instagram and snap chat. Due to only having two forms of social media I thought that I did not spend  so much time. Then I did realize that I spent a good amount on the two social media accounts I have. The author also stated she spends a lot of time on social media. Social media is so popular for my generation. I am in various groups, however since I do not have a Facebook I miss information that someone later has to send to me. This helped me realize how involved social media in daily activities all the time.

I think choosing “#Goals” was a very good aspect to analyze. As the author described in the article this is when people show, “…had led to my peers and me to believe that we should model our goals on what we see online.” This is such a great subgenre of social media! We have been talking about genres for most of the class and this topic digs into why people post what they post. We also just started learning about CHAT in which the article addresses that as well, “…representation deals with the way that we are trying to represent ourselves through what we post online.” We are going through each aspect of CHAT so I was able to notice this before that article addressed it. Having examples like this really helps me see these aspects of CHAT come to life. This was such a great article that helps me understand CHAT when the same things fit into multiple aspects.



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