Week Three: 2/14

This week our reading was “Understanding Language and Culture with Cultural Historical Activity Theory” by Tyler Kostecki. I wanted to review this article because we just finished our drafts of the unit 1 project and I feel that this article talks about a lot of those elements.

I could relate to the author when he said in the beginning, “This way of writing involved creating a paper in a “standardized” format that included an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.” I absolutely hated used that format every single time I had to write. That genre was just not for me. It is why I am so grateful that this class allows me to write in different genres. I never even thought about all the genres before this class. I have never heard of CHAT before this article but I know that we are going to learn it in class to help with genre analysis. I am really curious to see how it works.

I think all of the different aspects highlighted what we are supposed to do for the unit 1 project. The bullet points in the article are similar to the bullet points in our project in my opinion. That means this article is a great reference for the project. All of the aspects of CHAT do seem a bit intimidating to me because there is so much knowledge I am not sure how to put everything into my analysis.

Overall, once I learn how to use CHAT appropriately I think it would be helpful for an analysis. Although it is good I am currently struggling with sorting through all the data I have. I have so much detail but I can not fit in everything. This means I need to focus in on only relevant and important data. CHAT has so many elements that I started to get overwhelmed again.


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