Week 2: 2/06/17

The article we were assigned this week that was the most interesting to me was “How i Lrned 2 Txt: An Adventure in Genre.” While reading this article I kept thinking about how we discussed what professionalism looks like in a genre. Texting is the complete opposite from professionalism. During the article I felt like every point contradicted the other genre because they are complete opposites. People use phones to shorten words or sentences all the time because it is quicker. I have a friend who is a English major and when I text her she hates when I shorten words such as using “u” instead of “you.” But that made me think of why I use items such at that, I shorten words so I do not need to type as much, then naturally switch back to talking normal in person.

This article goes on to describe how technology kept getting more and more advanced which changed how she interacted with her phone. It stated, “The new ability to shorten messages was very useful as I made a jump forward in cell phone technology and bought a text messaging phone.” I believe that this will always be the case because technology always brings advancements which will continue every year.

I realized when she said, “Textual genres have taken over communication for me.”, that it has also done the same for me. I also only talk to my grandparents on my phone, not my friends. I mostly email professors as well. I think this is a great example of material we have covered in class. It describes when, where, and how the genre is being used. I think it is very interesting because we have a texting language that we just use on our phones.


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