First Blog Post: Week of 1/30

This week in English 101 one of our reading assignments was to read “Inside the WTF Folder: Is That Really Research?” This was an interesting article by Danielle Sutton about her research for a PhD course.

At first she had a really broad topic: language acquisition. I too worry about having a broad research topic for our unit 1 project so I hope to learn from this article how to make sure my topic is specific enough. I also learned a great tool; using the Milner Library website “List of Databases.” I also learned that it is alright to change your topic if your first topic is too overwhelming.

I like how she had collections of her research. That seems like a good organizational tool to me. I also like to keep my research organized so I am not so overwhelmed. I do not have a Facebook so I had trouble understanding her when she described Facebook details. I am not sure where I will get my research from yet.

It seemed that she had a lot of trouble with analyzing her data with software. I do not understand the system after reading the article. I do not think I will use this tool for my research. I had never heard of the “politeness theory” before so that really fascinated me. I hope to find a theory as well when researching my topic.

I think the purpose of this article was to help show us how to research for our unit 1 project. This shows what we need to focus on when we choose a topic as well; if it is too broad. She stated, “Even with these restrictions, the database returned 26,968 results.” We should pick a topic that does not have that many results.

Overall, I thought this was a good article to think about as I begin my research for my unit 1 project. I have never done a project like this so I am questioning if my topic is too broad, if it is a good topic, am I analyzing every element completely? I will use this article to help my research, such as the database, and know if my topic is too broad. I really want to do well on this assignment because studying resumes will allow me to learn the necessities of nailing a job interview. This will help me with my future.


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